Chiropractic Adjustments in Portland

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The type of Chiropractic Adjustment we use in our Portland Oregon clinic is called diversified adjusting which is one of the original and most commonly used hands-on procedures to treat joint pain. Diversified adjusting is a gentle therapy using a quick thrust applied to the appropriate joint(s) and is typically accompanied by a "popping" sound. It is an extremely safe medical procedure compared to drugs and surgery. The patient will typically feel some immediate relief after the chiropractic adjustment in Portland.

Chiropractic Adjustments in Portland

Restricted movement in a joint will lead to inflammation, pain, and reduced function. Diversified adjustments are used to restore normal joint motion and function to restricted joints. A joint that moves normally acts like a “pump” by circulating nutrient-rich fluid into the joint cartilage and pushing inflammatory waste products out. Restoring this “pump” mechanism will decrease pain and promote joint repair. Therefore, normal joint motion is essential for a healthy pain-free joint. This medical procedure focuses on the restoration of normal joint function and is beneficial in treating many types of injuries.

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